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Pregnancy can be an exciting phase, but brings with it many changes in a woman’s body and hormonal makeup. It is a time where you need to reconsider your skincare routine to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. It is also extremely important to use products that are safe for you and your baby!

During her third pregnancy Michelle specially formulated Gaia Pregnancy + New Mum Products to offer superior moisturisation to her growing belly and to maintain suppleness and elasticityto her skin.

GAIA Belly Butter and Belly Oil contain a special blend of pure essential oils recommended for use during pregnancy. Both Products are easily absorbed, do not leave any greasy residue and are beautifully scented with natural oils.

GAIA's Organic nipple balm is lanolin free and designed for nursing- no need to wipe of before nursing. Made with organic oils, Gaia Nipple Balm helps to keep the skin on and around your nipples in good condition while breastfeeding.

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