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We are aware of the sensitive and delicate nature of a baby’s skin and have hence created a beautiful range of products full of skin softening natural and organic oils that will care and nurture your baby’s skin.

Since a baby’s skin is thinner than an adult and they do not have all the normal barrier functions when they are born, it becomes more and more important to use safe products for their everyday needs. Gaia Natural baby hence becomes the perfect choice as all products are pure natural organic and free from artificial fragrances, harsh and harmful chemicals.

Gaia Natural Baby Products include calming organic extracts to soothe skin irritations and flare ups and other sensitivities that occur due to eczema …making them eczema friendly.

Explore our range of non-drying cleansers, skin softening moisturisers and nappy time products and gift your baby with healthy nourished & beautiful skin!

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