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A woman goes through various stresses in her lifetime and this leads to dehydration of the skin as the body tends to take the blood flow away from the skin to provide muscles with energy. Hormonal Imbalance is also a common problem that can directly affect the skin.

It hence becomes extremely essential provide the skin adequate nourishment and care. It is also important to avoid harsh and harmful chemicals that when used can only temporarily solve the issue if not aggravate it further. Skin being the largest organ of our body, isn’t it only fair that we choose natural & safe products to care for it?

Natural as well as Essential oils have long been known to be beneficial to the skin. GAIA Products have been carefully researched and a team of highly skilled biochemists and aroma therapists ensure that all products have ingredients in right proportions to tackle common skin issues and provide it with renewed freshness.

GAIA SKIN+BODY harnesses the power of natural organic oils, botanical extracts, natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids, and effectively combats dryness of the skin, calms sensitive skin ,retains moisture and neutralizes the ph. of the skin.

Use our cleansers, toners, moisturisers & washes to achieve noticeably smoother softer and healthy skin. Our Naturally scented essential oil blends have positive effects not only on your skin but on your mind as well as your overall being. Fresh and Feminine natural Scents will make you feel relaxed with renewed energy….. Almost as if you have stepped out of a day spa!

Sense, feel and see the difference with GAIA SKIN+BODY!

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